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 Update Step : 


1. Please press and hold any button of konnwei scan tool, then connect the scanner to PC with USB cable included in the package, the screen will be turned to "UPDATE MODE"

Notice: Please turn off anti-virus software when installing the update tool, otherwise it will not be able to install the driver properly.


2. download and Install the "uplink" or “BTlink “ program to your PC( Windows 7 /8/10 /xp ), 

you will find the below page, All you need is one-click, the program will search the update from our server, download and upgrade it by itself. No need any other operation, save the time and money.


3. Wait for the update process finished, the scanner will be ready to go! we will update to latest version before shipping out, normally there is no need to update for a long while.






 Click here to download APP :





KW860  KW850

KW830 KW818

KW680 KW590

KW350 KW360 KW450 KW460 KW480

KW681 KW870 KW880 KW890


BTLINK:   KW210 KW600  KW650  KW710 KW720 


Noted : KW208 KW510  KW808  KW320 KW310 KW309 are not with update and print function.